Friday, May 20, 2011

Weird cause of insomnia

Last week, I suffered from bad sleep for a whole week.  No matter how tired I was physically and mentally, I couldn't sleep well for 6 nights straight.  This was frustrating and strange as I usually have pretty deep sleep.  Then I remembered that I had had this before...  What I did then was change my toothpaste brand, from colgate to aquafresh, and it did the trick.  

Last week I was using the aquafresh brand, but it was the fresh & minty flavour.  I changed to mild & minty, and tadaaa.  Welcome back to the world of dreams.
In fact, I had read once on yahoo that there are many little things like these that can ruin your sleep.  In my case, the toothpaste had too 'fresh' a flavour, that was stimulating my brain and preventing me from going to sleep.  Other fragrances like lavender naturally help you to go to sleep.

So if you too are suffering from insomnia these days, I would suggest trying to change one small habit at a time before going to sleep and see what works for you :)

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