Friday, April 15, 2011

How to fix pump shoes that are too big

So about this is-shoe I was having, the pump shoes that were too big (bought them from the internet).  Went to the shop and they still hadn't restocked the insoles (the ones that you glued at the back of the shoe).  Went to several pharmacies and they didn't sell the product.  So I came back home frustrated and impatient.  I get very impatient sometimes when I want something fixed.  I needed it fixed right now!

So I remembered having saved some foam that had come with new shoes a couple of years ago.  So happy I kept them.  I knew they would come in handy one day!

I placed them at the back of my shoes and tried to walk, and my foot didn't slip out of the shoe!  Plus if you add the ordinary insoles that cover the whole sole of the foot, or just the front half (as in the picture below), the shoe now totally fits!

So I cut them out nicely to fit the shape of the back of the shoe and glued them on with powerglue.  It took me 30 mins.  Gosh I wish I had thought of that earlier! 

When I put them on, no one can see I glued the foam inside the shoe.  The shoe (which was probably a size too big) now fits perfectly. 

Isn't that genius? :p


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  2. Thank you Ivo and KeC! I have checked both your blogs and they are both lovely!

  3. wow amazing. need is the mother of all inventions. thanks for sharing

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  5. My mother bought me a beautiful pair of pumps that she gained from cheap Louis Vuitton shoes sale. I was happy to get it. But it was longer than my size. My mother filled in foam at the top of pumps and it perfectly fitted into my foot.

  6. Thanks for the tip. However, I found another way to solve the problem of TOO BIG SHOES. These are Hotter brand ballet slippers called "Jewel". I ordered my normal size for the brand (7) and these were way too big. They do not have that color at the moment (if they ever will again I don't know..It is a soft pink/gold and perfect for a dress I bought for a reunion. I tried a bunch of remedies for the back of the shoe but nothing worked. Then I decided to add polyester fiberfill (like you use to stuff handmade dolls) to the toe area..and guess what! The shoes ARE NOW COMFORTABLE! NOT SLIPPING AT THE BACK OR ANYTHING! I felt I had to share this as I wanted the shoes so badly and now I don't have to return them!

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