How I learnt to play the piano in less than a year

OK here's the deal: last year I had an epiphany.  I just HAD to learn to play the piano.  I was 23, and I knew that it would be now or never.  I decided it had to be 'now'.  And I would do anything to achieve this.

Here's a little history of my encounter with the piano:

When I was around 6 years old, I took lessons to play the recorder (flute).  I was quite good at it and even at a young age, I could figure out how to play my favorite songs on the recorder by ear.  My parents tried to enrol me at a music school, but they said that I had too small hands and that I had to wait.  Bummer!  Thinking back, if I had made it into music school at that age, I could have been a great pianist right now!

The following years was all about the competition to get into 'star schools'.  Competition is big here.  If you make it into the star schools (which you attend from age 11 to 18), you've made it.  So from age 8-10, it was basically working hard to secure a place in one of those star schools.  So no time for piano lessons.

Once I made it into star school, I guess I could have tried out for music school.  However the try-outs were during the holidays, and I went on a trip to Europe that year. 

From then on, I just felt too old to begin music lessons.  This was it, I had missed my chance at exploiting my musician talents.

When I was around 15, my younger sister picked up an interest in piano.  She was learning from her friends and wanted to have piano lessons.  So my parents bought a keyboard, it's a Yamaha portable grand DGX-505.
A Yamaha DGX-505

I started learning a few simple songs, without any notion of fingering or sheet reading.  I learnt songs by heart, and it just pleased me to be able to play the piano.  Then I abandoned.  You see, when you can't read music, there's only so much you can play.

So last year in June, when I had my epiphany, I decided to do a quick search on Youtube.  I stumbled upon a youtuber called Lypur, and he had a complete list of videos to teach the very beginner how to play the piano.  I felt like I had discovered gold!  This was my chance!  This was the opportunity for me to learn something I've always wanted.

I began viewing Lypur's videos.. right from the first lesson.  I kept a special copybook where I would write down notes.. as if I were in a real class.  After viewing the video, I would read my notes, reflect on it and practice whatever he taught.


Whenever something was not clear, I would go search on the internet to clarify my doubts.  The internet is full of resources!  That's how I built up my knowledge of music.  I invested most of my free time learning music and practising the piano.  Although I may never become a professional or even a very good player, I am satisfied with what I can do after such a short time. 

I play for my own pleasure, for the pleasure of my parents and for my friends.  Here are some videos I've made over the recent months.  Many people are amazed by what I have achieved in such a short time of learning by myself.  But I guess dedication and passion always pay off!  Here are some of the songs I've learned since I started in June 2010.  I hope you'll enjoy the videos.

To all those wanting to learn the piano and who never got the chance, I say 'Go for it!'.  It's a skill worth learning and mastering.  It IS hard in the beginning, and might be easier if you can get yourself a personal tutor.  But so worth it afterwards.  I feel so peaceful when I play my favourite pieces on the piano.  They take me to a calm and happy place :)

I wish you happy piano playing!