Monday, May 30, 2011

100 things to do before I die: #6

#6: Perform for an audience

The only people who hear me play piano 'live' are my siblings and parents when I'm practising at home.  I'd like to perform for a small audience one day, be it family or friends.  The idea terrifies me though, as I'm only a beginner and make a LOT of mistakes while playing.  It usually takes several recordings to get one that's decent enough to post on facebook.  I'm not scared of having an audience, I'm scared of not playing perfectly.  Music requires 'perfection' and does not really tolerate mistakes.  Because hitting a wrong note is literally an ear sore.

About being a physiotherapist (1/2)

"So what do you do in life?"
"I'm a physiotherapist"
"Really? Wow.  Um what does a physiotherapist do exactly??"

This conversation occurs quite frequently in my daily life.  I get asked all the time, what does a physio do?  The field of Physiotherapy is still embryonic in Mauritius and most people don't know about it.  Except for those who have already been to a physio before.

So what do I do?  
Basically my job is about improving human movement, function and quality of life.

How do I do it?
By correcting any bodily dysfunction.  

A broken arm or leg? The physio will help you to use it again by doing specific exercises or stretching, a process also known as reeducation or rehabilitation.

Pain in the back/shoulder/knee or any joint?  The physio uses different means and equipment to alleviate pain, eg massage, hot/cold packs, ultrasound, TENS... Then we'll teach you how to take care of your joint and the exercises that will help you use it again normally.

Chest infection?  The physio uses specific manual techniques (a bit similar to massage) to help you cough out secretions and to breathe more easily.

Had recent surgery and you can't walk like before?  No matter the type of surgery you've had, the physio's aim is to get you back on your feet.  We teach specific exercises to strengthen appropriate muscles and with the help of crutches or frame, help you to walk again.

So the main goal in any rehab program is to return the patient to his 'normal' life, so that he can perform the work and activities he was doing before his particular health problem.

In my next post, I'll talk about the pros and cons of being a physio.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

100 things to do before I die: #4 & #5

#4: Reach a million hits on my blog!
Hahahaha.  I don't know if that's even remotely possible.  Maybe if I keep blogging until I'm 100 years old :p  But anyway, I'm happy if there are some people out there reading my ramblings and I hope that some posts have been helpful to you...

#5: Get wasted in Vegas
Yeah we're going to Vegas baby!!!  I hope that I'll be saying those words one day.  I wanna play American roulette in Vegas, watch Celine Dion perform, get drunk and party the night away! And get married in one of these chapels! Haha just kidding ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

10 things I really love

1) I love shopping!!! :D

2) I love when it's raining outside and I'm indoors napping or sleeping.  Yeah I sleep a lot.

3) I love potatoes.  Baked, fried, boiled... cooked in any way!!!  If there's potatoes in it, I'll love it.

4) I love playing the piano.  When I play my favourite songs, I get carried to a peaceful and happy place.

5) I love The Vampire Diaries.  Seriously, I've never been so engrossed in any other TV show before.

6) I love a walk in the park alone.  It's been even more enjoyable now that football and dogs have been banned from it.

7) I love shoes.  A girl can NEVER have too many shoes.  Or clothes.

8) I love spending a weekend away from home once in a while.  Resorts are the best (and expensive! tsk!).

9) I love songs that have meaningful lyrics.  I put it on repeat and listen over and over.

10) I love driving my car.  I've had my toll of public transport!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 things I really hate

1) I hate it when it rains and I'm outdoors.  It's so messy and my feet (and shoes!!!) get all wet.

2) I hate getting up before 8 in the morning.  It's so inhumane.

3) I hate it when I don't get what I want.  Me? Spoilt?? Nooooooooo.

4) I hate salesgirls in clothing boutiques.  Either they are of no help at all, or they overdo it and make you feel compelled to buy something.  Either way, some boutiques would be much better without them!

5) I hate when I do impulse buying.  I waste my money and I end up with loads of useless stuff.

6) I hate acne breaking out on my face and chest area.  So gross.

7) I hate that I have such bad eyesight that I have to wear glasses or contacts all the time if I don't want to walk into walls or poles.

8) I hate noise.  All kinds of noise, whether it's kids screaming, dogs barking, traffic noise and lately, I've been especially hating the work being done in the neighbourhood; it's been generating so much noise close to our house.

9) I hate being discriminated because of my skin colour and ethnicity.  Yeah who doesn't?

10) I hate bad hair days.  There's nothing like hair going in all directions and doing its own thing to drive you crazy.

10 + 1) I hate hate hate... getting nasty comments or catcalls when walking on the streets, especially if I'm wearing something a little bit more 'daring' than jeans and a t-shirt.  Try walking 10 metres out of your house in a skirt and high heels here, I'll bet you a million rupees you'll be getting some sleazy comments.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Weird cause of insomnia

Last week, I suffered from bad sleep for a whole week.  No matter how tired I was physically and mentally, I couldn't sleep well for 6 nights straight.  This was frustrating and strange as I usually have pretty deep sleep.  Then I remembered that I had had this before...  What I did then was change my toothpaste brand, from colgate to aquafresh, and it did the trick.  

Last week I was using the aquafresh brand, but it was the fresh & minty flavour.  I changed to mild & minty, and tadaaa.  Welcome back to the world of dreams.
In fact, I had read once on yahoo that there are many little things like these that can ruin your sleep.  In my case, the toothpaste had too 'fresh' a flavour, that was stimulating my brain and preventing me from going to sleep.  Other fragrances like lavender naturally help you to go to sleep.

So if you too are suffering from insomnia these days, I would suggest trying to change one small habit at a time before going to sleep and see what works for you :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Double eyelid tape damage

I received my double-sided eyelid tape last week and used it for only 3 days.  During these 3 days, it took me several tries to get it right.  However, when I finally got it right, I was happy with the results and it made makeup application so much easier.  On the fourth day, I was shocked when I woke up.  My eyelids were so different, and not in a good way.  The eyelid skin looked thin and droopy.  I became so scared.  When I washed my face with cold water, my eyelids went almost back to normal, but not exactly the way they were before I started using the tape.

When I think back, I realise that my eyelids have started changing a few weeks before.  I had noticed that eyeshadow wouldn't stay.  Could it be because my skin got drier these weeks?  So the eyelid skin was dry and fragile, and the tape had stretched it? :(  Also, I never used to moisturise the skin around my eyes.  On that day itself, I went out to buy an eye cream to try to repair the damage.  

I asked my family and boyfriend, but they didn't see any difference in my eyelids.  Of course, these are the kind of things that only you can notice.  I haven't used the tape again, and am moisturising my skin a lot.  I don't think it will ever go back to the way it was, as eyelid skin is the most fragile skin :(  I'm hoping it won't get worse.

Girls, if you're considering using eyelid tape, DON'T.  It's not worth the damage it could cause to your skin.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100 things to do before I die: #3

#3: Skydive!
I like experiencing new thrills, so I'll have to book a skydiving session one day.  I've been to amusement parks in Europe and loved loved the rides.  However, what I find pretty unfortunate is that it's awesome only while it lasts.  But as soon as it's over, the adrenaline stops rushing and you just forget what it was like!

100 things to do before I die: #2

#2: Have a photoshoot session

Like #1, I would like to have a photoshoot session before I'm 30.  Well there usually is a photoshoot session for a wedding, but I'm talking about a photoshoot session outdoors in casual clothing.  Portraits of me and my boyfriend when we are young and so in love.  Taken by a professional photographer, before the first wrinkles start appearing :p  Oh I'm so scared of becoming old.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

100 things to do before I die: #1

I have decided to do a list of 100 things to do before I die... This way, I can always check on it and see if I have reached my goals.  I will post them one by one or in groups, and in a random order, as they come to my mind.  Maybe the list will go beyond 100 :p

So let's begin:

#1 : Get married before I'm 30 years old. 

When I was 15, I thought the ideal age to get married was 25.  Well I'm nearing 25, and I don't see that happening anytime soon.  Maybe in 2-3 years... but I'm really hoping it will be before I turn 30.  No one wants to have wrinkles on their wedding pictures right?  Plus I like the idea of being young newlyweds, it means more time to enjoy married life together when you're younger.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Slippery shoes fixed!

Got both pairs of slippery shoes (one white pair and one black) fixed by the cobbler.  He glued a layer of rubber sole at the heel and at the forefoot parts.  He did a nice job and it didn't cost that much.  Now I can enjoy my shoes without the fear of falling down and hurting myself again!

Almost 2 weeks since I hurt my knee.  The scab is slowly going away, it's only the size of a bean now.  It itches and I have to resist the temptation of pulling the scab away!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The EX Factor


This video had more than 2 million views within only 2 days of being posted on Youtube!  I discovered this when one of my friends posted it on her Facebook wall.  I find this video very entertaining and also quite true.. especially for relationships that end badly.

This video shows how 2 strangers become lovers.. and then strangers again.. I would have loved it if at the end of the video, the producer showed how these 2 could have worked things out and have an alternate, happy ending to the relationship.  But I guess if a relationship doesn't work, the best thing to do is move on..

Breaking up is never easy.. especially for long-time relationships.  It literally breaks you up.  However, I read an article once in Cosmopolitan, saying how your past partners help you find The One.  As you go from one partner to the next, you get a better idea of what you are looking for.  Some partners might be perfect, but not perfect for you.  Of course, some lucky ones find their right partner on the first try!

I'll agree with the video, when it says that the Chase and Honeymoon are the best parts.  I especially like the Chase, and it's much more fun when you are the one being chased, not the chaser :p During the honeymoon phase, both partners are on their best behaviour.  They do everything to please the other and do not see any flaws in the other one.  This is a physiological process whereby you are 'blinded' by love.  Nature wants us to feel in love and to reproduce.

I guess if there is one thing that every couple can do to make it work, is to continue to try as hard as during the chase and honeymoon phases.  Keep the courtship going like in the early days.  As soon as one stops trying, the trouble starts. 

From my own experience, when a relationship is too much hard work, it usually doesn't work out in the long run.  Being together should be relatively easy and natural.  Sure there are bound to be bumps on the road, but nothing that cannot be sorted out calmly.

If your relationship makes it past the 3-year mark and you are both as much in love, if not more, than in the beginning, then you have found the right one.  Our minds are physiologically programmed to be 'in love' for 3 years.  Nature programmed us this way so that a couple would be together long enough to have a kid and raise that kid during his early years.  Unfortunately after 3 years, you start seeing flaws in each other and things start deteriorating.

I'm no relationship expert... very far from it!  But I've found these simple things to keep my relationship going strong:

- Do not take arguments too seriously.  Try to make the other one smile/laugh even during an argument

- Do appreciate the simple things he/she does for you

- Say 'I love you' when he/she expects it the least

- Do continue going out on dates and court each other to keep the romance alive

- Do look your best for your partner.  Put on a nice outfit when going out together to impress him/her, just like in the early days!

- Do talk about the past (nice times together) and the future

Good luck to you all!