Monday, May 23, 2011

10 things I really love

1) I love shopping!!! :D

2) I love when it's raining outside and I'm indoors napping or sleeping.  Yeah I sleep a lot.

3) I love potatoes.  Baked, fried, boiled... cooked in any way!!!  If there's potatoes in it, I'll love it.

4) I love playing the piano.  When I play my favourite songs, I get carried to a peaceful and happy place.

5) I love The Vampire Diaries.  Seriously, I've never been so engrossed in any other TV show before.

6) I love a walk in the park alone.  It's been even more enjoyable now that football and dogs have been banned from it.

7) I love shoes.  A girl can NEVER have too many shoes.  Or clothes.

8) I love spending a weekend away from home once in a while.  Resorts are the best (and expensive! tsk!).

9) I love songs that have meaningful lyrics.  I put it on repeat and listen over and over.

10) I love driving my car.  I've had my toll of public transport!

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