Thursday, May 19, 2011

Double eyelid tape damage

I received my double-sided eyelid tape last week and used it for only 3 days.  During these 3 days, it took me several tries to get it right.  However, when I finally got it right, I was happy with the results and it made makeup application so much easier.  On the fourth day, I was shocked when I woke up.  My eyelids were so different, and not in a good way.  The eyelid skin looked thin and droopy.  I became so scared.  When I washed my face with cold water, my eyelids went almost back to normal, but not exactly the way they were before I started using the tape.

When I think back, I realise that my eyelids have started changing a few weeks before.  I had noticed that eyeshadow wouldn't stay.  Could it be because my skin got drier these weeks?  So the eyelid skin was dry and fragile, and the tape had stretched it? :(  Also, I never used to moisturise the skin around my eyes.  On that day itself, I went out to buy an eye cream to try to repair the damage.  

I asked my family and boyfriend, but they didn't see any difference in my eyelids.  Of course, these are the kind of things that only you can notice.  I haven't used the tape again, and am moisturising my skin a lot.  I don't think it will ever go back to the way it was, as eyelid skin is the most fragile skin :(  I'm hoping it won't get worse.

Girls, if you're considering using eyelid tape, DON'T.  It's not worth the damage it could cause to your skin.

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