Saturday, June 18, 2011

iPod shuffle 4th generation

Yaaaayyy I finally bought my first ipod.  I had set out to buy the ipod shuffle 4th generation in blue, but at the store finally decided to buy the silver one :) It comes in the cutest packaging ever!

Not only it's my first ipod but it's my first mp3 player!  I've been feeling the need for an mp3 player lately cuz I get soooo bored during my walks/work out (what? only 5 mins passed since I last checked my watch??).  The ipod shuffle is perfect... tiny, portable, fashionable and wearable thanks to its clip.  Exactly what I needed for jogging and gym!

- Small, portable, fashionable and wearable
- Available in attractive colours
- Voice over function tells you the title of the song or playlist!
- Easy to use
- Cute packaging is made of solid plastic and can be used for carrying the ipod, earphones and usb cable around
- Using an auxiliary cable, I can connect the ipod to my car and play my favourite, latest downloaded tunes!

- As I'm an ipod newbie, it took quite some time to download itunes, and after that to get used to the software!
- 2 GB storage only.  I thought it would be enough but apparently not.  And I don't even have that many songs.
- Price? Not the cheapest mp3 player out there.. but I guess the smaller the player, the bigger the price :p

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the ipod shuffle 4gen and it was totally worth the buy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

How to.. curl hair with straightener

Since my hair got quite long, I have been considering purchasing a curling iron in order to vary my hairstyle... I always wear my hair down and straight.  I was looking for some reviews on curling tongs on youtube when I stumbled upon some videos showing how to curl hair with a straightener.  I did try this once before, as I had seen a video by one famous youtuber, but it hadn't worked for me.  I guess her technique wasn't that good.  So I had given up hope of curling hair using a straightener.  But some days ago I saw this video and decided to try it out and it worked!

Using her technique I achieved this look:

I took thinner sections of hair to make it more curly.  I like the fact that it keeps the length of the hair, it's not so curly as to make all my hair spring up and become half its original length.  This type of curl looks young and modern and it's exactly what I wanted to achieve :)

It took me 30 mins max to do my whole head, which is a miracle as I have used my sister's curling tong before and it took me at least an HOUR.  I find this technique easier to do than with traditional curling tongs especially for my long thick hair.  Since you slide the straightener down through the whole length of hair, instead of holding the hair around the tong (as with curling iron), it heats the whole length of hair evenly.  So it makes the curls stay on for a pretty long time too.

For a more curly look, check out this video:

Amazing all the different looks you can achieve with a straightener!  And I thought it was meant for straightening :p

Friday, June 10, 2011

First speeding ticket

Caught driving at 76 km/h on a 60 km/h road last week!  And I wasn't the only one...

After negotiating a roundabout, I might have hit the gas a bit too hard... Well it was a wide, flat and empty road... A few yards forward, I understood why the road seemed empty... 4 cars had stopped in the layby surrounded by policemen!  One officer waved me down.  Ouch... I knew I was caught speeding and there was no way out.  It was my first encounter with police officers since I started driving.  When asked for my driver's licence, I fumbled around for it in the car.  Where the hell was it!?  Fortunately found it, else it would have been a double ticket! Ha.

A few moments later, the officer scribbled on his notepad, tore the page and handed it to me after I signed it.  And that was Rs2000 down the drain... That hurts.  Bad.  Especially when you think of all the things you could buy with Rs2000 here.  Snif.

The officer told me 'Miss, do your best so that this is your first and last ticket'.  Hell, sure I'll do that now.  I got my lesson.  I don't want to waste another Rs2000 so soon.  I tried to look at the positive aspect of this.  It made me more safety conscious now.  Sure it can be a pain to drive at 60 km/h but speed limits were imposed for a good reason: you are more in control of your vehicle should anything unexpected arise.  Like a stupid stray dog crossing the road in front of you.

As I drove away, the officer smiled at me and wished me 'Have a good day Miss'.  Argh.  I ground my teeth together and drove away.  Slowly this time.