Friday, June 10, 2011

First speeding ticket

Caught driving at 76 km/h on a 60 km/h road last week!  And I wasn't the only one...

After negotiating a roundabout, I might have hit the gas a bit too hard... Well it was a wide, flat and empty road... A few yards forward, I understood why the road seemed empty... 4 cars had stopped in the layby surrounded by policemen!  One officer waved me down.  Ouch... I knew I was caught speeding and there was no way out.  It was my first encounter with police officers since I started driving.  When asked for my driver's licence, I fumbled around for it in the car.  Where the hell was it!?  Fortunately found it, else it would have been a double ticket! Ha.

A few moments later, the officer scribbled on his notepad, tore the page and handed it to me after I signed it.  And that was Rs2000 down the drain... That hurts.  Bad.  Especially when you think of all the things you could buy with Rs2000 here.  Snif.

The officer told me 'Miss, do your best so that this is your first and last ticket'.  Hell, sure I'll do that now.  I got my lesson.  I don't want to waste another Rs2000 so soon.  I tried to look at the positive aspect of this.  It made me more safety conscious now.  Sure it can be a pain to drive at 60 km/h but speed limits were imposed for a good reason: you are more in control of your vehicle should anything unexpected arise.  Like a stupid stray dog crossing the road in front of you.

As I drove away, the officer smiled at me and wished me 'Have a good day Miss'.  Argh.  I ground my teeth together and drove away.  Slowly this time.


  1. lol. Love your sense of humour.
    Sorry, but I smiled when I read what you wrote above. Amusing, the way you wrote it, but " la note était salée".

    I haven't got any fines yet, and I usually respect my speed limits and other rules.
    Perhaps it would help, in which region where you caught speeding?

    Bon weekend!

  2. Haha well I did write it in a way that it would be fun to read :p

    I usually respect all the road signs too.. but sometimes it's hard to respect speed limits :p

    It was on the highway from Reduit to Ebene, with Nexteracom on the left...