Saturday, June 18, 2011

iPod shuffle 4th generation

Yaaaayyy I finally bought my first ipod.  I had set out to buy the ipod shuffle 4th generation in blue, but at the store finally decided to buy the silver one :) It comes in the cutest packaging ever!

Not only it's my first ipod but it's my first mp3 player!  I've been feeling the need for an mp3 player lately cuz I get soooo bored during my walks/work out (what? only 5 mins passed since I last checked my watch??).  The ipod shuffle is perfect... tiny, portable, fashionable and wearable thanks to its clip.  Exactly what I needed for jogging and gym!

- Small, portable, fashionable and wearable
- Available in attractive colours
- Voice over function tells you the title of the song or playlist!
- Easy to use
- Cute packaging is made of solid plastic and can be used for carrying the ipod, earphones and usb cable around
- Using an auxiliary cable, I can connect the ipod to my car and play my favourite, latest downloaded tunes!

- As I'm an ipod newbie, it took quite some time to download itunes, and after that to get used to the software!
- 2 GB storage only.  I thought it would be enough but apparently not.  And I don't even have that many songs.
- Price? Not the cheapest mp3 player out there.. but I guess the smaller the player, the bigger the price :p

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the ipod shuffle 4gen and it was totally worth the buy!


  1. I purchased the 2nd generation ipod shuffle some time back. Despite not having a screen, I was amazed by the tiny thing. After all, it's an apple product ;)

    You don't necessarily need itunes, you can use other software like SongBird or PoddoX. I remember having messed up all my mp3 folders when I first used Itune. I even wrote about it lol :

    It's a value for money purchase.
    btw, my shuffle died after about 2yrs. Saw that when I tried to switch in on after a few months. Since then, it must still be lying somewhere.

  2. Haha I read your post.. fortunately itunes did not mess up my music folders. In fact I quite like itunes now that I've understood how to use the software!

    As for your dead ipod, you could take it to ishop and see if they can change the battery? Not sure if it will be worth it though, depending on how much that will cost you.

    The 4th gen has a Voice function that tells you the title of the song. Kinda compensates for not having screen :)

  3. Hi there, i have the same one, but i must say it's very hard to search for a song on that, each time you have to push next next next..Mais bon c'est pas mal quand meme.