Thursday, April 21, 2011

Glue for creating double eyelids

About a month or so ago, I never imagined something like double eyelid tape or glue existed.  For me, you were either born with single or double eyelids.  I thought the only way to change that was surgery.  This kind of product is very popular in countries with a majority of Chinese, Koreans, Japanese...(the most likely to need this product) which is not the case here in my country.

While watching some videos about Asian makeup on youtube, I discovered double eyelid tape and glue.  I became fascinated by it.  So much that I ordered Eye Charm glue on Ebay.  Got it for US$ 1.89.  I finally received it after 5 long weeks of waiting for it to come.

Isn't Ebay the best thing ever?  You can buy products you would never see in your country :p

The reason I chose Eye Charm is because it was inexpensive and can also be used as eyelash glue (I also became fascinated by fake lashes lately).  It comes in a tube, with a forked prod and a user manual which is not very explicit and not in very good English.  Luckily, you can easily find helpful tutorials on youtube.

The advantage is that it changes your eyes temporarily and painlessly.  No need for surgery.  And you can apply makeup over it.  I've only tried it on twice, and still have to get the hang of it.  It takes a few tries to be able to create a crease that best fits your eye. 

My left eye has a tiny double eyelid whereas my right eye is a monolid.  Sooooo frustrating.  My right eye looks smaller and droopy.

Before glue                                   After glue application
I still have to practice in order to make the crease bigger.  But even with a tiny crease above the eye, it DOES make a difference.  The eye appears bigger.

However my eyelid is tacky when I put on the glue, and I wonder how it will look like if I apply eyeshadow over the lid.  It could cause the eyeshadow to clump.  I have yet to try it.

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