Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weight-watch freak

I'm a weight-watch freak.  I weight myself almost everyday, sometimes several times a day.  I'm currently 1m70, 54kgs.  That's a BMI of 18.7.  Borderline underweight, as many would say.  I have always been slender but never athletic.  My body is anything but firm.

During university years, I didn't have time to work out.  Even if I did have time, I was too tired and chose nap over gym.  That's when the bathroom scales started to shoot up.  I weighed myself occasionally, but did not worry about the weight gain.  I thought I could easily lose them whenever I wanted to.  After all, I had the asian genes right?  I could eat anything I wanted and not exercise, and still not become fat right?


After hitting the twenties, your body starts accumulating fat more easily.  It's not like the teenage years, where you could eat, never exercise, and not gain weight.  Your metabolism slows down after adolescence.  Even with asian genes, you eventually put on weight if you eat too much and don't exercise. 

No exercise= weight gain.  It's as simple as that.  Yeah life's a bitch.

The best way to not put on weight, is to prevent it.  Last year I lost around 4kgs, and have since regained 3kgs.  I am currently watching my weight very carefully as I do not want to gain more kgs.  I am careful about my diet and try to exercise everyday.  Mostly walking/jogging for around 30 mins everyday.
Last year I cut off anything too fatty (>12% fat) or too caloric from my diet.  And exercised twice a week, sometimes 3 times.  It was very effective, I had become skinny and lost 4kgs.  However it was too rigorous for me, and I have since abandoned the strict diet.  I do indulge in caloric and fatty foods sometimes, but try to control myself.

If I hadn't started to become more aware of my weight and diet, I would have continued to gain 1-2kgs per year.  That really adds up to a lot over the years.  The earlier you start taking care of your body, the better.

Sometimes you may not have the will to exercise, but just think about the results: a slim slender body.  That should boost you!

And it's time for me to hit my daily 30-min walk!

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