Friday, April 22, 2011

Stupid slippery shoes!

Had another is-shoe today.  I had decided to go to the capital city to do some stuff.. and mainly shopping!  I dressed in a city chic style and put on some peep-toe ballet flats I bought not so long ago.  I had worn them only twice before.. and although I thought they were slippery, they didn't give me any trouble.  But today, I hardly took a few steps outside my grandma's city house that I slipped!!  My left foot went forwards and I landed on my right knee on the tar! Ouch!

Luckily I had only superficial grazing, but does that hurt! Even after 12 hours it's still hurting.. it's like it's throbbing.  I cannot imagine the pain one can feel for more serious injuries.  I'm just glad I wasn't more seriously injured.

If I hadn't been so sloppy and had gone to the cobbler to put on anti-slip soles, this wouldn't have happened.  It totally ruined my day.. and could have caused more serious injuries.

So if you have slippery shoes, get them fixed!! Or just don't buy them! 

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