Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royally ever after

It's the media event of the decade.  A dream wedding, a much awaited one in the world's most media-covered royal family.  After all, the most eligible bachelor of the world is getting married!  The effervescence will come to a climax this week, after months of speculations. 

Kate proves that fairy tales do come true, but only for one girl in a million.  As most fairy tales go:

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl named Kate.  She lived in the countryside with her parents who worked as farmers.  Kate had one cherished dream since she was a little girl: to get married to the handsome Prince William whom she secretly loved.  One day, the King organised a ball where all the maiden girls of the country were invited.  The Prince would have to choose his future bride on that night or he would be disinherited from the crown.  The Prince was very upset and had little hope of finding a bride that night.  Suddenly, his gaze set on a beautiful girl in the room.. She was the most beautiful girl he had seen and he immediately fell in love with her.....

... and they got married and lived happily ever after"

William and Kate's story are not that much different from the fairy tales we are told as children.  Their story is a fairy tale with a modern twist.  Kate is from a middle class family, and William was smitten since he first laid eyes on her.  They meet during their study years at the university.  How many girls have dreamed of being noticed by the prince and to become a princess?

Kate is surely very lucky.  Although she has some points that could have ruined her chances.  Like being a few months older than her prince.  Like not being from a royal bloodline.  Like not having a real job. 

I guess some people are just born under a lucky star (sigh).  But for all the envious girls out there, just think of the downside of being a princess.  Like not being allowed to dress even a teeny bit provocatively even to go out (IF you can even go out).  Like being dragged from ceremonial to ceremonial and forced to put on an interested face.  Like having to look good in ALL circumstances as you will always be followed by paparazzis...

I know, this doesn't really help to overshadow the glamour of being a real princess.  But we can all find our prince, one who will treat us like a princess as we too deserve it!

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