Friday, April 29, 2011

Elicina review (acne)

I decided to buy a jar of Elicina cream after seeing adverts in the local newspapers and magazines.  The adverts claimed that this 'magic' cream could erase scars and reduce acne.

I have mild acne which is mainly hormonal, as I tend to breakout more before the time of month.  Then my skin will improve for a few weeks before breaking out again.  Sooooooo frustrating.  I've been to the dermatologist at least a dozen times since I hit puberty.  It was always the same: antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide and a lot of other creams/gels to apply.  Sure my skin would improve with these treatments but after 3-4 months, my skin would adapt to these creams and it would become just as bad as before.

So I've been applying Elicina every morning and night for the past 2 months... and I must say that it's a MAJOR disappointment.  Maybe it needs more time  to achieve its effect.  I'm a bit more than halfway through the jar and don't know if I'll be ordering again.  I'm a bit skeptical as to its effectiveness.  I've read many user reviews on acne websites and many have not noticed any difference in their skin with this cream.  Some have used it for several months and seen major improvements.  So maybe it does need several months for visible effects.

During the first few weeks, I applied only Elicina at night.  After 2-3 weeks my skin had a big breakout.  So I applied benzoyl peroxide over my face after Elicina.  My skin improved a lot but recently I had another breakout.  Sometimes I also use Sudocrem after Elicina at night.

It only made me breakout on the areas where I usually do have acne though, like on the cheeks and chin.  I didn't breakout on the nose and forehead.  So maybe it's making all the acne under the skin come out so that my skin can be better.

Last year I was using mainly benzoyl peroxide.  After a few weeks, my skin did get better but then again it began to adjust to the treatment and did not respond as well.

I've read many positive reviews about Sudocrem (yeah the nappy rash cream) which is also indicated for acne as it's an antiseptic cream.  I'll have to use it more consistently to see its effects.

I wash my face every morning and night with Clearasil, scrub 3-4 times a week and apply a mask once a week.  I also do a facial hammam once a week.  I eat a pretty much balanced diet as I'm quite health-conscious and drink lots and lots of water.  But still!!! That acne won't leave me alone aaarrrrgh.  I'm quite tired of this war against my skin :-(


  1. Do you use makeup? Don't use foundation of any sort if you can.

    I had the same problems as you and just looking at myself in the mirror was horrible. But as I reduced my makeup, my skin got better. lol

    Good luck!

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