Friday, April 8, 2011

Shorten a high heel?

I bought a pair of heels yesterday.. Length of heels: 4 inches.  Thats the highest pair of heels I've ever bought.  I've never worn anything higher than 3.5 inches.  I'm 5 feet 6" (around 1m70) and always thought super high heels made me too tall.  People in Mauritius are short, I've always been the tallest girl in my class and I know few girls as tall as me.

The high heels are quite uncomfortable as I'm not used to them.. and I walk funny in them. So I've been thinking about shortening them.. I've read about some people taking their too-high shoes to the cobbler and have 1/2 inch removed.  I'm gonna go to the shoe repair shop tomorrow and enquire.. I hope they'll accept to do it  :(

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  1. Yeah brought them to the cobbler and he said he could shorten the heels by around 1cm! :) will have them in a few days, cant wait!